Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

The Confessions of Courtney Love

"All the drugs just neutered me. When I was on drugs, I felt like this nunnish, non-sexual person. After I stopped doing drugs I started to fuck like a bunny! Before that I suffered from years of celibacy. I was on this whole Morrissey kick, no masturbation, no romance, no nothing!

The store was completely closed. My self-imposed chastity was only supposed to last for two years, but it went on for three years, eight months and six days. My addiction is just about feeling comfortable in my own skin. I don't like losing control. You couldn't pay me a billion dollars to take marijuana. I don't really like coke anymore. I’m scared of ecstasy.

The one drug I'd like to try one day is ayahuasca, which should be mandatory for everybody. It's apparently this crazy tea that gives you these intense hallucinations. Everyone who takes it sees a wise old black man who takes you on a wild journey. I'm not going to name names, but everyone who takes it sees the same black guy. I'm not kidding you. Everyone!" (NME)

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