Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

Glass Animals: Glastierifizieren (oder so)

Hört sich verrückt an: Die Glass Animals, seit ihrem Album "Zaba" aus dem vergangenen Sommer die Lieblinge der Kritiker, haben mit "Gold Lime" einen brandneuen Stand-Alone-Track vernetzt und kommentieren diesen wie folgt:

"So on the 9th August we are playing at the Central Park SummerStage in New York ... an because its such an exciting moment for us all, we decided to take a song from a New York Band that we love and than Glass Animalsify it ... Then we thought ... Why do a cover of one song when you can cover two at the same time? So here it is! And its a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Erykah Badu. Simultaneosly. PS: We know Erykah Badu is not from New York. But she's awesome."

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