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Any Questions: Poliça

This week American band Poliça kicks of the second leg off their European Tour, as early as last summer they’ll play on some festivals and stages in Germany. Difficult, or perhaps even unnecessary, looking with the band again to a point of contact for their terrific album "Shulamit" - so why not even a few basic questions on live touring at singer Channy Leaneagh ...

Since foundation of the band in 2011 you‘ve played both - on large open-airs and festivals (like SXSW, Austin City Limits, Coachella, ...) as well as in small clubs, even record-store gigs and studio-concerts - what suits better to Poliça?
What suits Poliça best is an audience that has come to enjoy themselves and let us take them away for an hour or two. No matter where we are we can have a good time.                       
Are there cities or locations you had unique experiences or still have special memories about?
I have had so many unique experiences in so many cities. Every new city is full of adventure and new people to meet.  And the cities we return to over and over again are very special to me (like London, Philadelphia, Toronto and New York) because of the friends we’ve made and the favorite places I’ve fallen in love with. My first time in Detroit will always stay with me. It is a city I have read and followed for some time and to see it in person and meet the people that live there and hear a bit of the music scene was very important to me and I hope to go back again.                 

Are there any criteria or limits (in concerts, festivals, etc.) where you say that they do not fit to your music, to the concept, or try your better off with the risk that it could go to a completely wrong direction?
We do pick and choose around opportunities that fit our music and vision for Poliça. Sometimes it is also about timing ... we’ve had to say no to a lot of great opportunities because we can’t make it work with our schedule or someone in our family gets married or dies ... sometimes real life happens and that takes precedent over work.

It is often said, that electronically based music like yours could not bring the necessary passion to the stage, there is a lack of opportunities for improvisation – how do you counter?  
If the music doesn’t inspire the perform(ers) to have passion on stage than it may not be music worth playing live. I think it is possible to have passion in an electronic format - it moves me strongly. It is true that electronic music can have parameters that can either be seen as restrictive or as an inspiring framework with which to play in - I like to see it as a positive challenge with which not to get lazy about or to hide behind. We look for ways to add play and room for improv in our sets while following a common BPM and key among the four of us.
How do you deal with, when you realize, that the club or one of these modern, multifunctional halls, in which you shall play, can expect an acoustic fiasco?
Play with it - use it towards the music. Chaos and imperfection are my friends. There is a bit of bullshit in this because it’s best for us with two drummers and layers of effects to stay away from marble church halls - but at the same time when it comes our way we’ll play the show and we’ll still make some music.

Whats the secret of keeping such a high concentration singing the same songs, night after night?
It’s the closest thing to meditation I do. It’s like saying an hours worth of hail mary’s every night.
From an insider tip to a headliner - what is different now than it was a few years ago?
So many things are different. With all the great opportunities we have has there have been great disappointments. I think the biggest change in me in the past two years is my attitude going into a situation - knowing what I have control over and what I don’t and how to deal with the ride without getting lost.
You was supported from Marijuana Deathsquads (where again some of you have a second job), and the German-Swedish band New Found Land – what’s the importance of a good support and by what criteria do you choose?
The opening act sets the vibe for the night. We look for an opener (or to be an opener) that can connect back and forth to each other in some way. We also look to create community through touring with different acts by either highlighting bands from our home town or highlighting bands from other states that fit with Poliça’s aesthetic and make connections across other music communities.
How much of the city/place you’re playing you‘re taking with you – is the hotel room often enough or ist there a need to see more of the people an the circumstances of their lifes?
I try to walk every city I play and we all really enjoy seeing the sights and getting out on the town after the show.
You have a special relationship to Germany, perhaps even to Munich? Or maybe any specific memories or even expectations?  
I still remember the first time we played Munich - I still have the leather riding gloves I bought on my first trip there. It’s a very classy city. I also feel like it’s been a decade since we were last there - how times flies - it has only been a few years. I feel we’ve grown and changed so much - it will be great to go back and play new songs for Munich. Looking forward to it.

21.06.  Neuhausen ob Eck, Southside Festival
22.06.  Scheeßel, Hurricane Festival
24.06.  München, Strom (verlegt aus der Freiheizhalle)
25.06.  Düsseldorf, Zakk
04.08.  Leipzig, Täubchenthal
12.08.  Frankfurt, Palmengarten

(Die deutsche Übersetzung ist auf der Seite des Münchner Stadtportals Mucbook zu lesen.)

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