Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011


"We don't care about staying relevant."
[Chris Martin, 22.09.2011, Rolling Stone]
'''Mylo Xyloto' is a concept album about love conquering all."
[Chris Martin, 14.10.2011, The Sun]
"This could be our last album."
[Chris Martin, 16.10.2011, Mail On Sunday]
"I know our lyrics are a bit shit, but I like them a lot."
[Chris Martin, 21.10.2011, NME]
“The days of selling tens of millions of copies has gone, so there's no point using that yardstick anymore."
[Chris Martin, 24.10.2011, Digital Spy]
"Take That made me think I was gay."
[Chris Martin, 24.10.2011, The Sun]
'''Mylo Xyloto' is a shizophrenic album."
[Chris Martin, 25.10.2011, MTV News]
"Releasing 'Mylo Xyloto' made me feel suicidal."
[Chris Martin, 26.10.2011, Daily Star]

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